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How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph (in Three Easy Steps!)

If you've ever seen or read about a great attorney (or watched a great actor play a fantastic attorney ) in action, you understand that a vital component in winning a situation is the final argument.


Securing your Cloud Experience

Guest Post from Ian Moyse, Sales Director , Eurocloud UK Board Member & Cloud Industry Forum Governance Board Member Security is one of the most important factors for companies who...


Good News! You’re Not Paranoid

So, they can see it all… and they really are watching! For the past six years, PRISM (under public ownership) and that other form of Big Brother, the Internet in...


Depending on where you go or what you read, the issues vary but the underlying concerns about Cloud security seem fairly standard

Sir Alex… the Business of Cloud

Taking the helm at Man U at about the same time as Microsoft went public and IBM released their first twelve-pound ‘convertible’ laptop, Sir Alex, in Football, over time is...


Keep it Clear… the Business of Cloud

The term ‘cloud’ itself has probably contributed to its rapid uptake… and there are too many wrong answers – for the particular needs of any particular CEO – amongst the...


Keep it Simple … the Business of Cloud

A complicated business, this cloud thing, if you want it to be… of course you don’t want it to be, nor do your customers, but it isn’t “simple” any more...


Compete or Collaborate… or Both? … the Business of Cloud

Get used to the concept of co-existence… if you extend your focus, wisely with research, planning and networking, you might find additional routes to explore.


Stop Selling the Cloud… the Business of Cloud

Cloud Computing has struck a chord with and captured the imagination of the public, businesses and Government in a way that other attempts at delivering utility model computing never did


Cloud Buying Questions for Cloud Computing Service Providers, hosted by the good folk over at Cloud Service Provider:  You’ve made your pitch and you’re in the door, sitting across...

Cloudy with Sunny Spells: a CommsBusiness interview with Daniel Steeves

This is an attempt to remove the fog from the cloud. David Dungay: Having bumped into Daniel on twitter and realising what he is trying to achieve I couldn’t...


Beware the Cloud-ists!

Let's start by saying that I like cloud and have done since well before it was called cloud. Clouds have featured in pretty much every solution I’ve designed in the...


My Gardener is in the Cloud: Daniel’s TEDx Talk (the words)

My Gardener is in the Cloud aka Gardener as a Service (GaaS) Robert shows on Tuesday mornings, backing his little van into my driveway, throws open the back door and...


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