Cloud, MSPs, Telcos and the Channel

Step Zero: a Business and Relationship Development tool for the of Cloud Computing space

Qualify at-Risk Customers: Convert Risks to Opportunities while adding value to client relationships and creating a reason to communicate

Our approach helps to remove the barriers – real and perceived – to the customer bases and target markets of Cloud and other Service providers – and their uptake of your service. A unique value-add business reason to communicate with existing customer (and also a very effective attractor and new business development tool) we also help you identify where to successfully build the long-term relationships needed for the sustainable growth of your business (not to mention clear and vital qualification intelligence)

Your customers (and your prospects and targets) are either interested, concerned or want to find out in what Cloud Computing can do for them: we remain Independent while keeping your business interests in mind

Add Value to and Qualify Current Clients

Save, Grow, Qualify Clients

Create positive, for-their-benefit reason to communicate and connect with your client base

Move from Supplier to Advisor and Partner

Identify, Quantify and Prioritise areas of concern

Identify and Target new Business Development Opportunities

Unique Door Opener / New Go-to-Market approach

Create Interest and Attract new business via roundtables, events and one-to-one

Initial Prospect and Planning Requirements identified for market growth

Enhance & Extend Cloud and Other Propositions

Convert Servers & Services to Partnership

Confidence – and Plans –  to move forward

Consider (and Protect) Your Current Investments

Clarifying the impact and timing of change for your business and for your clients

Identify, Quantify and Prioritise areas of concern

Determining the optimum time to make a change, from the financials through to overall impacts to the business

Another point of view add independent angles to the expertise of your team

Awareness of Potential Risks on the way to and on arrival in the Cloud

For Your Business and for your clients

Risks Identified, including the unknown unknowns
Risks quantified and Prioritised
Risk Mitigation Planning Started

We also work with your business to ensure that offer suits the requirement: the simple targets of Step Zero and the steps identified in the process can assist providers to grow and adjust to meet the changing needs of their client base… but we are selective, choosing only to work with Providers who we trust and can recommend

And, just like the Businesses into which you deliver, your Business is Not the Same as Every Other Business… So why would we start with any assumptions about it?

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