David Terrar: Cloud Strategy

I’m an experienced business manager, sales & marketing specialist, social business evangelist, and known as a cloud & SaaS expert.  I’m a software guy who has been around in the industry since a time before PCs – when mainframes, rather than the Internet, ruled the earth.  Although I’m a “geek” at heart, my company’s mantra is “think Business, not Technology”.  I’m passionate about helping people make use of the latest social media, web and mobile tools to make their businesses do more for less.  I hate waste, and I hate the kind of consultants who want to keep the expertise mystified so they can maintain their expert status (and high fees)

I’m the CEO of D2C, a consulting company that provides business advice, social media consulting and Software as a Service or Cloud based solutions for content, collaboration, web publishing, CRM, ERP and online accounting. I’m also Executive Director of ITBrix, the software company that provides a web publishing, content management and collaboration platforms called PageTypes & WordFrame for building a better web presence or web community. I write a blog called Business Two Zero about applying cloud, social and mobile technology, SAS tactics and guerrilla marketing to business and post also as one of the Enterprise Irregulars

I’m chairman of techUK’s SaaS Group, a director of EuroCloud UK, and am on the code governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum.

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