deRisk the Cloud Press Release: Jan 2014

Too Many Heads in The Clouds… Not Enough Smart Cloud Thinking

> UK businesses are not tapping into a £100 billion market. Money is being left on the table while our international rivals run riot.

>deRisk the Cloud launches to bring true blue sky thinking to stormy times: the real Cloud experts have arrived.

The global Cloud computing market will be worth £100 billion by the end of 2014. But the Centre for Economics and Business reports that SMEs in the UK are lagging behind their international rivals.

Low Cloud uptake and a lack of support for other enabling technologies is causing a massive issue. Productivity and competitive capabilities in UK enterprises lag behind their foreign rivals.

Daniel Steeves, founding partner at deRisk the Cloud, says: “While the Cloud is sometimes an obvious choice for new activities it isn’t so simple for existing systems small or large. Expectations and barriers tend not be clearly defined. Businesses need help to understand the marketplace. That’s where we come in.”

Daniel, who partnered with James Caan in the business advisory arm of Hamilton Bradshaw, continues: “Cloud computing has a great deal to offer but the realisation of that value depends on the right plan, time, approach and vendors.”

deRisk knows how to put that right mix together. It provides independent, objective expertise and advice allowing firms to get real value from the Cloud.”

Working from small business to Enterprise as well as with Cloud and Service providers, deRisk the Cloud provides independent, objective expertise and advice with a clear goal to position better-informed businesses to get real value from what Cloud has to offer by helping them to ‘Get it Right’.

“Our objectivity allows us to cut through opinions and force alignment with your facts,” expands David Terrar, a director of EuroCloud UK and co-Founder at deRisk the Cloud.

“Starting with your current situation and the goals of your business we consider on-going business activities and investments to deliver clarity, in a business context, regarding the opportunities and the potential risks, costs and other impacts to your business, today and in the long-term.”

That long-term view is a critical success factor, according to Ray Wang of Constellation Research and part of the force behind the Enterprise Cloud Buyer’s Bill of Rights. Ray says the Bill is “a required tool for clients and vendors to change the tenor of contract negotiations from user subservience to an equal and collaborative long-term partnership. deRisk the Cloud puts your business in the position of being able to ask the right questions to help ensure that you make the right deal.”

“Your business is not the same as every other business, so why would we start with any assumptions about it?” explains Daniel:

“Combining real-world expertise – yours and ours – we take a situational focus actively seeking potential issues so as to determine what is the right way to forward for your business to get the best results.”

For more information on working with deRisk the Cloud to minimise the impact and maximise the value that Cloud Computing offers, see , get in touch with [email protected] , follow on Twitter or call Daniel on +44 7903 867576