Enterprise and Small Business

Your Business is Not the Same as Every Other Business

So why would we start with any assumptions about it?

Step Zero provides the information that you need to know in order to start to plan what to do next

Providing SMEs and Enterprise with independent expertise across the Business and Technology perspectives of Cloud Computing, we are on a mission to enable good decisions and position better-informed businesses to get real value from what Cloud has to offer

Our approach is to dig a little deeper and help ensure, before too many steps are taken, that you take the right ones – and to identify those small details which, on closer look, might or might not be so small, after all, building from paths including:

  • should that application be moved or replaced?
  • considering current investments, is the timing clever to do this now ?
  • what new risks (financial, security, compliance, etc.) might cloud introduce (if not done correctly)?
  • what are you really expecting Cloud Computing to do for your business?
  • what are the real or hidden costs and impacts of what you’re planning?

Consider (and Protect) Current Investments

Clarifying the impact and timing of change

Determining the optimum time to make a change, from the financials through to overall impacts to the business

Should that system or solution be moved, as-is to the Cloud, or is it time to consider renovation or replacement?

Clarity to support informed business decisions

A broader, independent Cloud-focused view of your current IT landscape, your business plans

A broader, independent Cloud-focused view of your business plans and goals

Initial Planning Requirements identified: a first view of what the unknown unknowns might be

Confidence – and Plans –  to move forward: further investigation or full steam ahead: Our recommendation, Your call

An understanding of real costs and business impact

A clear view of what you should look into before proceeding: your call, from there… but wouldn’t it be better to have an idea?

Identify, Quantify and Prioritise areas of concern

Identify other options and opportunities presented by Cloud

Identify Starting Point(s) and Plans

Take a broader look at where your business is going and how technology can help you get there

Clarity on what you can really expect this Cloud ‘thing’ do for you?

Reality Check re: Cloud, What it could really mean to businesses

Clarity of Expectations and realistic forecast of Value and Capabilities

Clarity of what the risks, costs and impacts to your business might be along the way

Awareness of Potential Risks on the way to and on arrival in the Cloud

First round risk identification, including a start on the unknown unknowns

Preliminary views on the extent and severity of the risks

Risk Mitigation Planning Started: an idea of the number and scale of any issues identified

For Your Business and for your clients

We know what to look for and how to help uncover those small details which, on closer look, might or might not be so small, after all.

Most businesses have either interest, concern or desire in what Cloud Computing can do for them: we’ll work with you to make sure the interests suit and that all concerns are considered. Step Zero : Get it Right is where we start, with a simple list of targets: select whichever suits your needs for a quick overview of what we deliver

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