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deRisk your Cloud

It’s about the Business, not the Technology

It’s about the Business, not the Technology

Step Zero: a closer look at the value and impact of cloud: your Team, our Expert

Defining and Clarifying (and sometimes adding to) your Cloud concerns to help you make smarter decisions

We deliver strategic planning with a tactical know-how in a bespoke model: practical information to identify and quantify risks. You have business to get on with – not to mention limited budgets and stretched resources – and you need information, now

We firmly believe that Cloud Computing, done well, can deliver that value: designed to help get you there, Step Zero starts with these basic premises:

that you need to find a problem in order to solve it
that problems exist across people, process and technology in most all technology-led business transitions and transformations
that problems become risks only when they have been identified and then quantified, compared and prioritised
that independent facilitation ensures objectivity in all of the above


The Step Zero workshop focuses on the position set out in the Quick Start form and the preliminary view of your business by our experts – including any material provided in advance – to deliver a customised set of information covering areas including:

a preliminary risk landscape related to a move towards cloud computing
an overview plan detailing activities for Step Zero.1 (typically 1-3 days each)
recommendations, priorities and other observation

While you are free to proceed with any or all of the observations on your own, or decide to accept the risks as discovered, our fees for Step Zero are included if you engage with us to follow through with Step Zero.1

Step Zero.1 will be a sub set of the issues we uncover together in the workshop and a recommended package (typically one to three days) which will provide further information regarding scale, likelihood of occurrence and further steps to manage and mitigate

Each step of our engagement has been designed to leave you with the choice of how to move forward. While we will always be keen to see our recommendations followed, our goal is clear: providing you with the means to make a better decision and judge how best to move things forward for your business

“Get it Right” is our tagline, but we don’t assume that you aren’t doing okay… we do, however, believe that in most cases we can help you do it better

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