Red Skies… but isn’t more information required?

A red sunset and you could be looking at good weath er and clear sailing, but change the timing by twelve hours and things may look a little different

Are you certain you’re reading the signs correctly?

We’re tired of bad information, presented as good and leading to poor decisions and poor returns

We’re tired of the hype: because it’s wrong, it’s misleading… and because it gets in the way

We’re tired of false promises (or the wrong things being promised) and the bad decisions based on them

We’re really tired of the time, money and effort wasted on the wrong things with the wrong partners

On a mission to enable good decisions and position better-informed businesses to get real value from what Cloud has to offer, our approach is to dig a little deeper and help ensure, before too many steps are taken, that you take the right ones – and to identify those small details which, on closer look, might or might not be so small, after all

Each step of our engagement is designed to leave you with the choice of how to move forward. While we will always be keen to see our recommendations followed, our goal is clear: providing you with the means to make a better decision and judge how best to move things forward for your business

Clarity is never a bad thing: Step Zero will deliver it

Take control and take real advantage of what the Cloud has to offer

It’s all about finding the problems so that you can fix them – or at least anticipate them – which is always better than getting surprised!

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