Your Business is Not the Same as Every Other Business, so why would we start with any assumptions about it?

Collaborative, independent Thought Leaders and Practitioners focused on Your Business

We know the industry, you know your business and we combine that experience with shared knowledge and experience in traditional and new methods and best practices, of UK and EU Standards activities and the movements of organisations including the Cloud Security Alliance. We also know how to sift through all of the ‘noise’ and focus on only those things relative to the needs and goals of your business

And because with us you will get the answers you need – we neither sell nor broker Cloud Computing services meaning that our answer to your questions will suit your purposes, not ours

We provide knowledge and information – each step with a simple purpose: to ensure that you have more information than you did before and so can make a better informed business decision

Our Partner / Practitioners: Big 4 Expertise, Small Business Sensibility

David Terrar: Cloud Strategy

I’m an experienced business manager, sales & marketing specialist, social business evangelist, and known as a cloud & SaaS expert.  I’m a software guy who has been around...

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Daniel Steeves: Cloud Strategy

A technology-focused business consultant and transformation agent, Daniel takes a pragmatic, tactical view to strategy, collaboratively fine-tuning and ‘connecting’ businesses to identify and remove barriers...

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Frank Jennings: Cloud Lawyer

Frank Jennings, a partner at DMH Stallard, is a Lawyer specialising in cloud & technology, advising cloud customers looking to manage risks when adopting cloud and advising providers...

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Razor Thorn Security’s CEO James Rees has worked specialising in Information Security and consultancy for fourteen years, delivering quality advice to some of the largest and most influential...

Other Partners, Other Expertise

Business Risk

InfoSec and Compliance


Human Resources

Investment, Mergers, Acquisitions

And a set...

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Gav Brining: Apps & Architecture

Apps & Architecture

V12N’s CTO Gav Brining has worked in the cloud sector before it was lovingly referred to as a ‘cloud’. Helping global brands such...

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